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About Cupcake.Love.Miami

We have been in the baking business since January of 2005. As the baking business took off, we made sure to excel as one of the lead competitors throughout Miami. No order is ever too small or too large to work with. Our sister company Sunshine State Cakes focuses on excelling in the custom couture cakes, while Cupcake.Love.Miami is sure to tantalize and tempt your tastebuds with those cute little things we call cupcakes.

Here is a list of the different items we offer:


Cupcakes (Mini, Regular, Jumbo & Giant)

Cake Pops/Cake Balls

Cookies (Cookie Pops)

Push Pops

Dessert Shooters

Dessert Station (custom made)



(Round cakes)

  •   6 inch cake         Serves 10-12 people
  •   8 inch cake         Serves 20-24 people
  •  10 inch cake        Serves 32-36 people
  •  12 inch cake        Serves 45-48 people
  •  14 inch cake        Serves 56-60 people


(Square cakes)

  •   6 inch cake        Serves 15-18 people
  •   8 inch cake        Serves 30-32 people
  •  10 inch cake       Serves 45-50 people
  •  12 inch cake       Serves 65-70 people
  •  14 inch cake       Serves 90-95 people